The Best Storm Shelter

The best storm shelter is one that your family will actually use.  That’s right, there are more factors to consider than whether or not the shelter can withstand the storm because that only matters if your family is willing to actually go to the shelter as a safe place.  Here are some factors to consider.


The safest place is almost always underground and there are great shelters for that.  Concrete shelters have been around for generations. Your grandmother may have one in her backyard or basement that seconds as a root cellar for her home canning goods and jams. But, how does it smell?  Is it dry? Does it leak and invite mold and other pests?  If this is the case, your wife and kids will probably choose the bathtub and some pillows over the trek into the “underworld”. There are underground Steel Shelters that do not encourage the musty odors and insects but then the consideration is location.  Do you have the space? If you live in the city chances are there is not enough free underground area within your property to accommodate a new underground shelter.


Another disadvantage to the underground shelter is the proximity to your home.  During severe weather your family is paying close attention to the media for updates and when it is actually time to go to the shelter reception will most likely be compromised.  But, waiting until the last minute to run outside and open the door to your underground shelter may also compromise the safety of your family.


There are many choices in above ground Steel Shelters that will keep your family safe and close to the comforts of home.  Consider The Refuge from Storm Warrior Shelters, LLC with seating for five (5) people and a three-point latch system that is easy to open but will withstand the winds of an EF 5 tornado.  The Refugewill fit in most garages, is easy to install, and Storm Warriors Shelters provides delivery to most of the United States.  Your family can rest assured that a safe place is close at hand and when “every second counts” they will know where to go.


The best storm shelter is the one that exceeds FEMA certified standards and satisfies your family’s needs for quick access and availability in the event of severe weather. Don’t wait until storms are on the way to your community, contact us today and let us help you choose the best shelter for your family.



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