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About Us

Storm Warrior Shelters – Our Story

We are passionate about helping people be safe from the storms of life.

Danielle and I have been pulling families out the rubble for many years. As the Captain of the StormWarriors I have witnessed violent tornadoes and hurricanes rip apart homes and communities. Many families have told us that if they just had done a few things differently the outcome for them and their families would have changed.

We believe that No One Should Die From A Tornado® and we have spent our lives Warning communities in the advance of a storm coming into their area, assisting them through search and rescue efforts and helping families restore their lives through providing much needed aid and supplies to help rebuild.

Now as a part of our mission to Warn, Assist and Restore families, we are manufacturing the safest above ground and below ground storm shelters. They are being distributed through a network of people who want to help save lives. Our goal is to get a shelter into every home and every community through out Tornado and Dixie Alley and anywhere tornadoes and hurricanes can injure or take a life of a loved one.

If you have an interest in helping others be safe from every storm® then we invite you to become a dealer. By becoming a StormWarrior Dealer, you can help us make a difference in the lives of so many families with top quality and affordable storm shelters. With over 1,000 confirmed tornadoes each year, it is not a matter of IF, but a matter of WHEN a violent tornado will bear down on our communities. Each dealer is a member of their community and has a heart to help families in their greatest time of need.

Miles Per Hour

Deadly El Reno, Okla. tornado was widest ever measured on Earth, had nearly 300 mph winds

States reporting tornadoes

Almost every state east of Arizona experiences tornadic activity

Mobile Homes

About 67 percent of the deaths related to tornadoes have occurred in mobile homes

Confirmed Tornadoes

There are confirmed tornadoes in every month of the year

Our Certifications

Our shelters are engineered to help your family be safe from every storm ®