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What sets StormWarrior Shelters apart?

Storm Warriors Tornado Shelters

The StormWarrior Shelters are manufactured using A-572 Grade 50 steel which is 28% stronger than the average shelter. We use corrugated bends in our 3×5 shelter, which adds even more structural strength. A-572 is a high strength, low alloy structural steel which is much stronger than the A-36, common low carbon steel used in most shelter manufacturing.

Residential Shelters

All of the StormWarrior shelters are built with the following specifications:

  • The shelter walls are 3/16” thick with reinforced angle-iron construction.
  • The top of the shelter is 1/4” thick.
  • The door is 1/4” metal with a 3-point latch system for secure closure.
  • The bottom frame is 1/4” metal for the installation of the wedge anchors into the foundation.

Safe from Every Storm® Above Ground Shelters



Storm Warriors® tornado shelters are especially designed to help keep your family safe from high winds, flying debris from tornadoes and hurricanes. Many times it’s not the tornado that hurts people but the debris picked up from rotating columns then flung into homes where families are unprotected.

According to, over 15 states have suffered casualties from even the weakest of tornadoes such as an EF-1 or even EF-0 tornado. Many times it’s not the tornado that hurts people it’s the debris picked up from rotating columns of air and when families are unprotected.

Whether you live in a brick home, rock home or any type of manufactured home, you are never completely safe from tornadoes without a FEMA compliant certified shelter for your family to take cover.

Be prepared for the unexpected. Sometimes tornadoes are predicted several minutes in advance but other times they seem to come out of nowhere.

0 Payments, 0% Interest on purchases if paid in full in 6 months with approved credit.

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Top five reasons why more families in Tornado Alley don’t have tornado shelters?

After many violent storms have destroyed a large number of homes and business in almost every state east of New Mexico you would think more families would have invested in storm shelters for their homes. Each year as communities and new home developments take over more and more of what was rural land, tornadoes seem to be much more frequent in these ever increasing populated areas. It may not be because there are more tornadoes but because there are more homes where there once were none. With an average of over 1,000 confirmed tornadoes per year, it is only a matter of time before an outbreak will impact the lives of many families.

Over the years we have talked with families who survived a violent tornado. Many of these families regretted not taking proactive steps prior to the event and wished they had done things differently. Most would tell you that they will get a storm shelter before the next storm strikes. Here are the reasons we have found that many families in tornado alley don’t invest into a storm shelter.

1. I don’t have the cash.

The good news is that storm shelters can be financed just like any household appliance, car or new watch at your local bank or credit union. The monthly payment for a storm shelter is affordable for most families without giving up much more than a few espressos.

2. It’s a risk we are willing to take.

Unlike a fender bender in your car or your truck, tornadoes can cause both physical and mental injures to one or all-family members. The risk of riding out a severe or violent storm where the family is unprotected can have life long impact to your family. Families who know that they have a shelter where they are confident of their safety can mitigate the risk of both physical and mental trauma to their family.

3. We can run from it.

3. We can run from it.

4. I don’t know how to buy one that fits our needs.

There are really two choices to begin to narrow down what you need. If you live in the city and have close neighbors, an underground shelter is probably not for you. A garage-mounted shelter might be a better purchase to have your safe place for your family to go. On the other hand, if you have land and want your shelter away from the house you can have one underground that will accommodate your family’s needs. We recommend you purchase a steel, shelter that has an engineering certificate, certifying that it will withstand EF-5 tornado winds and meet or exceed FEMA compliance for storm shelters.

5. We wanted one, but we never have gotten around to it.

It has never been a better time to buy a Storm Warrior Shelter for your family. Because we are a manufacturer, we can offer great pricing and installation services no matter where you live. With our financing and cash pricing, your family can have the peace of mind whenever a storm develops in your area. We are committed to keeping every family safe from every storm. If you call, we will help you find a way to get a Storm Warrior Shelter into your home.

The Best Storm Shelter

The best storm shelter is one that your family will actually use. That’s right, there are more factors to consider than whether or not the shelter can withstand the storm because that only matters if your family is willing to actually go to the shelter as a safe place. Here are some factors to consider.

The safest place is almost always underground and there are great shelters for that. Concrete shelters have been around for generations. Your grandmother may have one in her backyard or basement that seconds as a root cellar for her home canning goods and jams. But, how does it smell? Is it dry? Does it leak and invite mold and other pests? If this is the case, your wife and kids will probably choose the bathtub and some pillows over the trek into the “underworld”. There are underground Steel Shelters that do not encourage the musty odors and insects but then the consideration is location. Do you have the space? If you live in the city chances are there is not enough free underground area within your property to accommodate a new underground shelter.

Another disadvantage to the underground shelter is the proximity to your home. During severe weather your family is paying close attention to the media for updates and when it is actually time to go to the shelter reception will most likely be compromised. But, waiting until the last minute to run outside and open the door to your underground shelter may also compromise the safety of your family.

There are many choices in above ground Steel Shelters that will keep your family safe and close to the comforts of home. Consider The Refuge from Storm Warrior Shelters, LLC with seating for five (5) people and a three-point latch system that is easy to open but will withstand the winds of an EF 5 tornado. The Refugewill fit in most garages, is easy to install, and Storm Warriors Shelters provides delivery to most of the United States. Your family can rest assured that a safe place is close at hand and when “every second counts” they will know where to go.

The best storm shelter is the one that exceeds FEMA certified standards and satisfies your family’s needs for quick access and availability in the event of severe weather. Don’t wait until storms are on the way to your community, contact us today and let us help you choose the best shelter for your family.